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Enterprise Guide Welcome Screen

Submitted by on 2011-09-20 – 7:00 AM 3 Comments

The first screen you see when opening SAS Enterprise Guide is the Welcome to SAS Enterprise Guide window, allowing you to open a previously open project (1), create a new project (2), or (3) open the supplied Tutorial.

I typically open Enterprise Guide to create a set of code. For some reason, all of these years I have clicked on the New Project button and then from the Enterprise Guide menu selected File->New->Program. I think that since Enterprise Guide is always 1st a Project file, rather than a .sas program file that this was the order I needed to go.

Of course, there is a better way. If I select link for New SAS Program in the New Area (numbered 2 in the screenshot) it not only opens a new SAS program node, it creates it within a SAS Enterprise Guide project.

Doh! What was I thinking all of these years. Made me laugh out loud to realize the lost productivity.

Is anyone else out there making the same mistake?

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Angela Hall manages an implementation team at SAS Institute Inc. to provide customers with analytic focused solutions which uncover hidden patterns in their data to assist in eliminating waste and fraud. A SAS user since 1995, Angela holds SAS BASE and BI Content Developer Certifications. Angela blogs about SAS Business Intelligence software tips and has coauthored two books “Building Business Intelligence Using SAS®” and "The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes".
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  • Anonymous says:

    They just don’t make them like this nowadays.

  • Stefano says:

    I must admit it! I’ve always made it too 🙂

  • SAS Enterprise Guide always creates a project to host your work. You can [X] out of this window without making a selection, and you’ll still get a project (though it will be empty).

    Personally, I like to opt out of the Welcome screen (check the “don’t show” box at the bottom). You can always get to recent projects and recent programs from the File menu.