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This blog intents to inform SAS Business Intelligence Users how to better use the tools.  We provide tips and tricks, little known techniques, career advise, and other topics that seem related to data analysis.


About Me

As president of And Data, Inc., I provide SAS BI consulting services to corporations who need assistance understanding how to transform their data into meaningful charts, reports, and dashboards. My background is in SAS programming, data analysis, technical writing, process engineering, and customer service. [Here’s my professional information and Amazon Author Page, if that is what interests you. ]

On the Personal Side

Here’s how I spend my free time – you know when I’m not creating blog content that I know you’ll love.  I am spending my time by the seaside – the following photo was taken at Surf City, NC last fall with my iPhone.  The sun was rising over the pier – and it really was magical.

Bratty Cats

My husband, Ken, and I have two bratty cats, Riley and Bailey.  They are half brothers – they have the same father but Bailey’s mother had long hair – so you can see he has a fuzzy tail.  Riley’s mother and father were both Siamese – so he has no special features other than those beautiful blue eyes.  They are funny and cause a lot of trouble around the house.

Bailey likes to get under my desk and sit on this stool. He also enjoys helping (getting in the way).  Riley likes to sit on my desk and move the mouse around, walk on the keyboard, and help (get in the way).

Enjoying their heated bed … and not fighting or helping for a change!


I love exploring new wines – here’s some of my recent favorites.  I tend toward the California cabs – I like the bold flavor. But it’s never hard to talk me into some champagne – especially if it’s Pol Roger – pink!

 Silver Oak – California Cab Chateau La Rame Bordeaux    Thibault Liger-Belair Bordeaux


Also I like to cook … here’s some dishes I’ve made (that did not kill anyone!) This was a homemade bruschetta – garden fresh tomatoes, basil and my secret ingredient Balsamic Port Vinegar.  You can see Bailey in the background sitting on the trashcan – supervising. He knows he’s not allowed on the counter-tops – so this is as close as he can get.

Another favorite – pizza with freshly made ricotta cheese and lots of garlic!







My Wonderful Husband – Ken!

Ken is a SAS administrator at SAS Institute. We’ve been married since 2005. Ken loves technology and has the entire house full of robots that clean the cat pan, lock the doors, and even monitor the outside of the house.  I get text messages if anyone comes near the house – including deer.

Local Greek Place

We enjoy eating out – this photo to right is from a local Greek place – Taverna Agora – that just has fabulous food.

This was a surf and turf special – it was yummy!




Contact Me

You can connect to me on LinkedIn,  follow me on Twitter, or send an email message for general inquires  (triciadotaanderudatand-datadotcom?subject=BI%20Notes%20Blog%20Inquiry)  .