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Articles by Quentin McMullen

Quentin McMullen has been programming in SAS for 15 years, and for the past year has been working on SAS BI projects. He has presented at national and regional SAS user group conferences, and can often be found corresponding with colleagues on SAS-L.

Building a SAS Stored Process Log

2014-02-24 – 7:14 AM
Stored Process Log

As a SAS stored process developer, a question sometimes pokes its way into my head: “Are people using the stored processes I write?”  In fact, really I have four questions:

What stored processes are being used? 
Who is using them?
When are they being used?
How are they using them?

I realized what I’ve been missing.  I need a SAS stored process log.
If It Works for a Macro…
As a macro programmer …

Are you looking at the world through BI Glasses?

2013-11-13 – 7:02 AM
sas bi glasses

I’ve been thinking recently about how the things you do can affect the way you perceive the world.  For example, in the past few years I have cycled in and out of a casual photography habit.  I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in a photography phase, I become much more visually aware in general.  The world just becomes more visually interesting to me.   A famous …

Taming SAS Stored Process Selection List Prompts

2013-08-07 – 1:25 PM
Selection List

I like most things SAS.  But there are of course some features that I wish were implemented differently.  One of those is selection list prompts.  
The good news is, even when SAS implements something in a way that I find, well let’s say, surprising, there is often a way to use some other part of SAS to adjust the situation.  
For me, that often means …

Using an Autocall Macro Library in SAS BI

2013-07-10 – 7:26 AM
Macro Library

 a SAS programmer, I am dependent on my SAS autocall macro library.  It stores a bunch of utility macros that I use on a daily basis. When I started learning about stored processes and other BI tools, one of my first thoughts was “How can I access all of my utility macros?”  And it turns out, it’s pretty straight forward to define an autocall library …

These are a Few of My Favorite Things… about the SAS Enterprise Guide Program Editor

2013-03-27 – 6:00 AM

This is the last of what I planned as a three-part miniseries sharing some thoughts on using SAS Enterprise Guide as a programmer.  The first couple posts described what I think of as big benefits of Enterprise Guide: using process flows as a workspace to organize the code in a project; and making it easier to run code on a remote (UNIX) server.  This last post …