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2018-06-09 – 2:20 PM

Review these data stories for examples of what is effective and ineffective story telling.

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Tips and tricks for building information maps, OLAP cubes, reports, and dashboards

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Learn your way around a SAS BI installation.

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Learn your way around the SAS Visual Analytics tool

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Create and design stored processes like a rock star

Common Questions about SAS Visual Analytics

2015-09-07 – 10:16 AM

For the past two weeks I’ve been updating the SAS Visual Analytics Quick Start program. When I talk to customers about this program I highlight how Zencos does the heavy lifting (installation, configuration, and light administration), while the customer gets to have the fun of playing with the tool and learning how to create some kick-ass data visualizations. Within a few weeks, we can have your …

Visual Analytics: Use Geo Regional Maps for Overall Comparisons

2015-09-06 – 10:00 AM
maps geo region thumb

Before I started with SAS Visual Analytics, I used PROC GMAP to create choropleth maps (or geo regional maps). The maps worked for what I needed but were largely uninspired and somewhat difficult to build. I admit I never did master the skill. However, after learning to use SAS Visual Analytics geospatial objects became my favorite datavis. This is part 3 of a series about geospatial …

Visual Analytics: Get to the Point with a Geo Coordinate Map

2015-08-30 – 11:52 AM

Perhaps you’ve heard people talk about tornado alley – it’s an area down the middle of the US where tornadoes occur. Tornadoes are powerful storms – capable of sending a 2×4 wood board through a car door – scary.  In the first post of this series, I noted that successful geospatial data visualizations have geography as a character in the data story. If we wanted …

Visual Analytics: Is Location a Distracting Character in Your Dataviz?

2015-08-24 – 2:29 PM

In my high school Performance Art class, our teacher, Mr. Kennedy, was constantly reminding us that when you have characters on stage the focus must remain on the central action. If you have non-speaking role then you cannot draw attention to yourself. For instance, you wouldn’t tap your foot, play with your hair or wave to the audience members.  This concept can translate into a data …

3 Tips for Making Your Line Charts KISSable

2015-08-05 – 3:44 PM
line chart - kiss

Probably you have heard the Keep It Simple Sweetie (KISS) principle stated hundreds of times – mainly because it is true. Keep your message simple and straightforward by removing any unnecessary visual clutter. Your job is to direct the viewer’s attention to what is important about the message. Nothing could be more true with a line chart.
Line charts allow you to see trends over time. …