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SAS BI Dashboard: Don’t Forget the Timestamp

2013-07-24 – 2:39 PM
sas bi dashboard timestamp

If you are getting ready to rollout a new SAS BI dashboard, make sure you have a timestamp or Data Last Refreshed where the users can easily see it.  If it’s a real time dashboard (or near real time) then the user wants to know the last time the data was pulled. For instance, if this chart updates hourly, then in the morning the users …

Welcome to the World SAS 9.4!

2013-07-11 – 8:14 AM
sas 9.4 visual analytics 6.2

I’m excited that SAS 9.4 and Visual Analytics 6.2 has arrived.  Last night at the SAS Campus, I attended a Welcome to the World party at the SAS Campus.  The staff was really excited about the release.  Everyone loves to talk about how to do statistics better at SAS.  It’s a geek paradise.  One employee I spoke to discussed some research he was doing to …

SAS Visual Analytics: What’s Happening to SAS BI?

2013-06-11 – 9:29 AM
visual analytics advertisement

With all the hype about the SAS Visual Analytics product, you start to wonder what is the plan for the SAS BI/EBI? During the SAS Global Forum 2013 opening session, Jim Davis pointed out that Forrester Research had selected SAS as the leader in strategy and current product offering with the Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions.  [SAS made this report free to download here.]
Forrester had a …

Quick Video from SAS Global Forum 2012

2013-01-12 – 4:30 PM

Here’s a quick video showing the opening ceremony from SAS Global Forum 2012 in Orlando.

Year in Review: Top Posts for BI Notes Blog 2012

2013-01-02 – 11:39 AM

As the new year begins, I am reviewing the 2012 results for this blog and trying to determine what direction I need to set.  As Greg Ng suggests in his post 2013 Goals. Not Resolutions., I want to keep my attention on the goals that help me stay focused on what I want to accomplish.  Today I am sharing a few of my insights and …