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It’s Easy to Add a Stored Process to SAS Visual Analytics

2015-12-01 – 7:04 AM

Not all data belongs in SAS Visual Analytics – it’s true. You may have situations where you want to filter and zoom on data and then look at the data in another system. Maybe it’s a list of items that the user wants to follow-up on in a different method. If you are using a non-distributed version of SAS Visual Analytics you may be particular …

Working with Large Prompt Population Lists

2014-04-21 – 7:38 AM
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In my last post, I warned you about hooking up your huge dataset to a dynamic prompt.  Impending disaster, user unhappiness and worst of all – rework!  Ahhhh the horror of it all!!!
I wish I knew a way to tell you when the dataset was too large for the dynamic prompt, but it is really dependant on your system.  There are a lot of factors …

Which population method should I use for my SAS prompt?

2014-04-13 – 9:31 AM
sas dynamic prompts

During our Debugging and Tuning SAS Stored Processes session, an attendee asked “Why would I choose a dynamic versus static prompt for my stored process?” It was a good question because the choice might make a difference in the stored process speed. Here’s some guidelines.
What are the different Population Methods?
Stored Processes take user input through a prompt to provide custom output.  Consider the following three …

Building a SAS Stored Process Log

2014-02-24 – 7:14 AM
Stored Process Log

As a SAS stored process developer, a question sometimes pokes its way into my head: “Are people using the stored processes I write?”  In fact, really I have four questions:

What stored processes are being used? 
Who is using them?
When are they being used?
How are they using them?

I realized what I’ve been missing.  I need a SAS stored process log.
If It Works for a Macro…
As a macro programmer …

SAS Stored Process: Dealing with Disappearing Results

2014-01-31 – 8:14 AM

The world needs magicians or illusionist.  I love watching illusions.  When I was at the SAS Professional Forum in the UK, there was a illusionist who just knew one card trick after another. Even when he seemed to mess up, he would then point to the card box and say, “Oh your card must be in here.”  It was great because we watched him put …