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SAS Stored Process: Dealing with Disappearing Results

2014-01-31 – 8:14 AM

The world needs magicians or illusionist.  I love watching illusions.  When I was at the SAS Professional Forum in the UK, there was a illusionist who just knew one card trick after another. Even when he seemed to mess up, he would then point to the card box and say, “Oh your card must be in here.”  It was great because we watched him put …

Little Known Secrets from SAS Stored Process Magicians

2014-01-26 – 4:57 PM
0262r library of congress laurent magician

When writing stored processes – it can be tricky designing the perfect prompts especially when working with tricky users. Maybe you feel more like a magician than a SAS developer. Recently I needed a SAS stored process that allowed a user to find a needle in a very large haystack.  Let me share a simple trick I learned from Bryan Stines to make simple work …

Tips for Unriddling Encoding in SAS Visual Analytics 6.3

2014-01-20 – 6:00 AM
Batman's Riddler

In preparation for Tricia and my joint paper at SAS® Global Forum 2014, “SAS Admins Need a Dashboard Too” our SAS admin support team, Ken Aanderud and Paul Homes  had been busy setting up our new SAS Visual Analytics 6.3 environments, which we are very excited about! As we got underway loading tables to explore and analyze data we came across an error that prevented a table to …

Administration: Retrieving Passwords from the SAS Metadata

2014-01-13 – 8:11 AM
2014 01 13 admin find userid 03 thumb

When working with the SAS metadata, sometimes a developer needs to retrieve a user ID and password from the metadata. For instance a developer may need the encoded password to connect to the database using the SAS pass-through with relational databases like Oracle and TeraData.  [More discussion about the pass-through :  here with TeraData, here compared to Libname, and here in SAS 9.2 doc set.]
As …

SAS Coding: Scattered Data Might Need CPORT Procedure Help

2013-12-15 – 5:52 PM
2013 12 environment setup thumbnail

My computer is a hot mess!  I have datasets and code everywhere.  I’m serious … you name it … there is not a hard drive, thumb drive, and even a DVD in my office that doesn’t have data on it.  I call it Scattered Data Syndrome and I had to do something before I kicked a stray dataset across the room and broke the printer.
Who knew …