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Articles tagged with: Data Management

Tips for Unriddling Encoding in SAS Visual Analytics 6.3

2014-01-20 – 6:00 AM
Batman's Riddler

In preparation for Tricia and my joint paper at SAS® Global Forum 2014, “SAS Admins Need a Dashboard Too” our SAS admin support team, Ken Aanderud and Paul Homes  had been busy setting up our new SAS Visual Analytics 6.3 environments, which we are very excited about! As we got underway loading tables to explore and analyze data we came across an error that prevented a table to …

SAS Visual Analytics: How Catwoman Influenced My Reports

2013-12-30 – 1:29 PM
Image: Wikipedia

Eartha Kitt was the best Cat Woman. It’s true – her voice and diction was what made her so purr-fect for the role. When I was younger I would watch the Batman reruns (POW!) and then try to walk and talk like Eartha.  “How can BatGirl be the best anything when CatWoman is around??” [Check out CatWoman in action here!]
You’re probably wondering what that statement …

SAS Coding: Scattered Data Might Need CPORT Procedure Help

2013-12-15 – 5:52 PM
2013 12 environment setup thumbnail

My computer is a hot mess!  I have datasets and code everywhere.  I’m serious … you name it … there is not a hard drive, thumb drive, and even a DVD in my office that doesn’t have data on it.  I call it Scattered Data Syndrome and I had to do something before I kicked a stray dataset across the room and broke the printer.
Who knew …

Are you looking at the world through BI Glasses?

2013-11-13 – 7:02 AM
sas bi glasses

I’ve been thinking recently about how the things you do can affect the way you perceive the world.  For example, in the past few years I have cycled in and out of a casual photography habit.  I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in a photography phase, I become much more visually aware in general.  The world just becomes more visually interesting to me.   A famous …

Data Management: Who cares about Big Data

2013-10-18 – 8:22 AM
Big Data 3Vs Expanding on 3 fronts

This past Tuesday evening, I attended the TriHUG (Research Triangle Park Hadoop Meetup) at Bronto Software in Durham, NC. My curiosity about Hadoop has been growing because it seems like anything I read on business intelligence or data analytics manages to related itself back to big data and distributed computing.  I figured I could meet some subject matter experts who could help my definition along.
Is …