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Articles tagged with: Data Management

Boo! Scary charts in honor of All Hallows Eve

2011-10-31 – 7:00 AM
839 ugly chart 2 after

In the United States today is the scariest day of the year – All Hallows Eve. Tonight school children will run around dressed as monsters or Angry Birds demanding a treat from their neighbors.  So here some treats for the SAS Business Intelligence users building charts and graphs.  
A few weeks ago I told you about my arch enemy the pie chart. Here are some of …

Info Map: Use SAS Functions to get dates – oh yeah

2011-10-18 – 2:20 AM

In Information Map Studio, you can use the Expression Editor and some SAS functions to create new data items from existing data items.  Here’s how to create some common Date data items.  SAS functions make it easy to perform actions and all you need is a variable and sometimes a parameter or two.  [Last week I talked about using functions to create a new data item.]
The following …

Create Your Own Sample Data for SAS BI

2011-10-12 – 6:00 AM
Sample Data Generation

In a previous post I suggested some places to find sample data that you could import into the SAS BI for use in various learning projects.  I found the Identity Generator site that allows you to create and download test data. Plus it’s my favorite price,  free!  This is a low tech approach but for what I am usually doing, it would work great.   …

SAS Information Map Studio: Why does the data item show as scientific notation?

2011-09-08 – 1:00 PM
imap_set default value

When a data item is created in SAS Information Map Studio, the defaults are assigned for classifications and aggregations.  If the data item is a percentage, this defaults may not make sense.  For instance, the following figure shows the Gross Margin in scientific notation instead of a percentage.

When the data item was imported, the default aggregation method was SUM, which does not work in this …

SAS BI: Sample Data Sources

2011-09-06 – 2:00 AM

As you start to learn the SAS Information Map Studio and SAS Web Report Studio, you may want some sample data to play with or otherwise explore.  Here is a list of free sources that I have found that can help as you learn and want to challenge yourself.
Simple Data Tables
Here are some sources for simple data tables.  These are datasets with all of the data contained …