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Articles tagged with: Excel & SAS

SAS Visual Analytics 7.4: Modern Theme Vs Classic Theme

2016-05-08 – 1:03 PM

At the SAS Global Forum 2016 the SAS Viya platform was announced and part of the platform was SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics converting to the HTML5 interface. Noticeable changes were that the Designer and the Explorer have merged into one interface and there is a spiffy new color Modern theme. Dr. Goodnight said the expected release of the tool was projected to …

SAS Add-In for MS Office: Abe Lincoln Sends Glee in a Snowstorm

2014-02-18 – 6:54 AM
lincoln loves sas

It’s been really snowy and cold in North Carolina for the past week.  About 5″ of snow fell in 2 hours, which unleashed pandemonium. Power was out for some, flights were cancelled because the airport shutdown, and many people even left their cars beside the road electing to walk home or stay in a hotel for the night. Since I work from home, it was …

SAS Stored Process: Shake, Rattle, and a lil’ DelGobbo Style

2012-11-07 – 7:20 AM

One of the great things about attending user conferences such as WUSS is that you get to meet all kinds of fun and interesting people.  Vince DelGobbo is a witty, smart, and clever SAS developer, who also happens to work at SAS Institute.  Vince works with the SAS Stored Process development – so you know I love him!
In a recent blog post, I discussed how …

SAS Enterprise Guide: Import Odd Spreadsheet Data

2012-05-30 – 8:44 AM
excel import worksheet with loser method

Perhaps you took my advise a few weeks back and took advantage of the amazing (trumps blare!) SAS Enterprise Guide ability to import MS Excel spreadsheets.  However, if your spreadsheet is a little different – then you may run into some issue when you go to import it.  For instance, look at this import:

Oh it’s so horrible – the columns names are not there and …

SAS Enterprise Guide: Import the Excel Spreadsheet – Easy Peasy

2012-05-10 – 12:18 PM

One SAS Enterprise Guide feature I particularly like is the ability to import Microsoft Excel data quickly and easily.  SAS offers many ways to work with Excel spreadsheets but often I find I just want to extract data from Excel and get on with my job.
Tip – Click on any picture to see a larger image!
Use a “Known Good” Spreadsheet the First Time
If you are …