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Articles tagged with: Creating Effective Reports

Visual Analytics: Is Location a Distracting Character in Your Dataviz?

2015-08-24 – 2:29 PM

In my high school Performance Art class, our teacher, Mr. Kennedy, was constantly reminding us that when you have characters on stage the focus must remain on the central action. If you have non-speaking role then you cannot draw attention to yourself. For instance, you wouldn’t tap your foot, play with your hair or wave to the audience members.  This concept can translate into a data …

Creating Better Data for Visual Analytics Users

2014-05-27 – 9:26 AM
sas va labels on map

One factor for self-service BI is ensuring that the data is easily understood by the end user. The idea of self service BI is that users with less training can build charts and reports to help them answer their questions. This does put some onus on the data creator to make sure that the data is easy to consume. In SAS Visual Analytics users are …

SAS Visual Analytics: How Catwoman Influenced My Reports

2013-12-30 – 1:29 PM
Image: Wikipedia

Eartha Kitt was the best Cat Woman. It’s true – her voice and diction was what made her so purr-fect for the role. When I was younger I would watch the Batman reruns (POW!) and then try to walk and talk like Eartha.  “How can BatGirl be the best anything when CatWoman is around??” [Check out CatWoman in action here!]
You’re probably wondering what that statement …

Are you looking at the world through BI Glasses?

2013-11-13 – 7:02 AM
sas bi glasses

I’ve been thinking recently about how the things you do can affect the way you perceive the world.  For example, in the past few years I have cycled in and out of a casual photography habit.  I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in a photography phase, I become much more visually aware in general.  The world just becomes more visually interesting to me.   A famous …

Can SAS Visual Analytics Replace PowerPoint for a Small Business?

2013-11-11 – 8:26 AM
sas visual analytics replaces powerpoint for small business

When I first heard a customer say their main reason for purchasing SAS Visual Analytics was to replace PowerPoint, it raised my eyebrows because it seems like an expensive replacement. By the time I heard a third customer say it, I realized it was more than someone having too much money. As I was thinking about the customers, I realized they had some things in common …