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Oh Snap! Upload Data to the LASR Server Just Like That!

2015-10-24 – 7:55 AM

In a past life I worked at a company who had an excellent general manager, she was professional, intelligent, and a role model. It was a small company competing with giants and kicking their butt successfully. She set a new mission for the organization –  we needed to not only meet a customer’s product needs but also delight them in the process. Its hard to …

What is the difference in SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Enterprise Guide?

2015-09-20 – 12:30 PM

Those considering moving to SAS Visual Analytics often quiz me about how it is different from SAS Enterprise Guide. While SAS Enterprise Guide can duplicate some SAS Visual Analytics functionality – it’s not the same. This post I’m going to explore the principal purpose of each tool to help explain how they are alike and different.
What is SAS Enterprise Guide?
SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) is a development …

What’s the difference between SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS DI Studio?

2013-11-16 – 9:57 PM
SAS DI Studio

A question SAS programmers/users sometimes ask me is “What’s the difference between SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) and SAS Data Integration Studio (DI)?” Both run SAS code and can generate tables and reports… my one-line response is “it’s about those SAS jobs being SAS metadata objects.”
It’s about the Metadata
What do I mean by this? Well, in EG you work with tables and SAS code (either with …

Information Maps: Used All Over the SAS BI System

2013-08-20 – 8:57 AM
information map sas

You can make information maps available to SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for MS Office, which might make is easier for some SAS BI users to reach the data.  It also makes your  information map more useable for various purposes.  The import method for SAS Enterprise Guide and the Add-In work very similar but I’m going to show how to do it with SAS …

Killer New Log Summary Feature in SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1!

2013-07-22 – 7:05 AM
SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1

Hey brilliant SAS Institute developers – I love your new SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1 Log Summary feature!  When I was reading through the What’s New in SAS 9.4 for SAS EG 6.1 there were only a few entries.  But BAM! the second bullet made me run over to the demo machine to see what I was missing:

improved programmer productivity with the new Log Summary window, which lists all …