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Articles tagged with: SAS Enterprise Guide

These are a Few of My Favorite Things… about the SAS Enterprise Guide Program Editor

2013-03-27 – 6:00 AM

This is the last of what I planned as a three-part miniseries sharing some thoughts on using SAS Enterprise Guide as a programmer.  The first couple posts described what I think of as big benefits of Enterprise Guide: using process flows as a workspace to organize the code in a project; and making it easier to run code on a remote (UNIX) server.  This last post …

PC SAS Programmer Facing UNIX? SAS Enterprise Guide to the Rescue

2013-03-20 – 6:22 AM
sas enterprise guide unix servers

Time for another confession.  For more than a decade I have been running SAS jobs on UNIX servers, but I don’t really know any UNIX editors.  Not Emacs.  Not vi.  I could work around this without SAS Enterprise Guide, but it was painful sometimes.  Now that I have started using Enterprise Guide, it is *so* much easier to use a Windows PC to write code that …

SAS EG Process Flows: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

2013-03-13 – 9:30 AM

SAS Programmer meets SAS Enterprise Guide Process Flows
When an old school SAS programmer meets Enterprise Guide, I suspect often the first questions are along the lines of “what’s a Project?” “what’s a Process Flow?” and of course “Why do I need them, can’t I just code???”  The honest answer is yes, you can open Enterprise Guide, open a code window, and just code.  But I’ve found …

SAS Enterprise Guide: Are You a Member of Programmers Anonymous?

2013-03-06 – 4:52 AM

Hi. My name is Quentin. I’m a SAS programmer. And I’m starting to like SAS Enterprise Guide.
In the years since SAS introduced Enterprise Guide, there has been a lot of controversy and hard feelings in the SAS programming community. Many programmers see Enterprise Guide as a tool for newbie programmers, or non-programmers who want to point-and-click their way through an analysis.

Some companies have chosen to …

SAS Enterprise Guide: 3 Ways to Use the Note Feature

2013-01-09 – 11:03 AM
Add a Note

If you look at my desk, my addiction will present itself to you clearly.  I love sticky notes – any kind, color, or shape. My bottom desk drawer is full of notepads – some never used because I think they are too pretty to write on. The best Christmas gift I ever received you ask?  A box of 15 sticky notepads with my name on each …