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Articles tagged with: SAS Management Console

SAS Visual Analytics 7.4: Modern Theme Vs Classic Theme

2016-05-08 – 1:03 PM

At the SAS Global Forum 2016 the SAS Viya platform was announced and part of the platform was SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics converting to the HTML5 interface. Noticeable changes were that the Designer and the Explorer have merged into one interface and there is a spiffy new color Modern theme. Dr. Goodnight said the expected release of the tool was projected to …

Web Report Studio: Switch Report Sections to Tabs in a Snap!

2013-05-28 – 7:18 AM
web report studio tabs management console

One of my gripes with Web Report Studio is that it is not always obvious that a report contains more sections. When demonstrating a report with sections, I find myself placing extra emphasis on the feature to ensure the user understands how it works.  Recently, Amit Kumar Pattnaik, a SAS BI manager, asked if I knew of a way to change the section so they were …

Admins – Need to Restore One Metadata Object from a Backup?

2013-03-11 – 10:48 AM

When I think of corruption, it usually is more about government.  Certainly, I don’t picture myself slipping a C-Note to the metadata server for favors, such as giving me special access or maybe ensuing my jobs have priority (wink). Stig Eide, a SAS BI administrator, reminds me that corruption does occur in the metadata – but not exactly  what I was picturing.  When metadata corruption occurs, …

SAS BI: Easy Customizations for SAS Portal and SAS Web Report Studio

2012-08-01 – 7:00 AM

Last week I talked about how you could customize the style sheet for Web Report Studio.  One reader,  Kushal Ramani, a SAS consultant from Epoch Research India, suggested that I list some other items that you can easily change in Web Report Studio and SAS Portal.  All of these changes require access to SAS Management Console – so if you don’t have that access you …

Stored Processes: 3 Ways to Edit a Stored Process

2012-05-04 – 8:02 AM
Edit Stored Process from Source Code Repository

Some may not realize that you can edit a SAS Stored Process in multiple ways (depending on your permissions).  Today I show you three different ways to reach the stored process code.  By the way, I’m using SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 and SAS Management Console 9.3 – so your windows may look different.
Method 1: SAS Enterprise Guide
Many of you are aware of this method already. …