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More SAS Stored Process Sleight of Hand Tricks

2014-01-29 – 7:23 AM
Thurston the Great Magician

In my last post, Little Known Secrets from SAS Stored Process Magicians, I talked about how SAS developers are often confused with magicians.  I’m guessing it’s not our top hat and disappearing rabbits – more likely that SAS allows us to do all kinds of tasks that seem impossible but are undeniably easy.
Note: This series was inspired by the magician posters I found in the Library …

Little Known Secrets from SAS Stored Process Magicians

2014-01-26 – 4:57 PM
0262r library of congress laurent magician

When writing stored processes – it can be tricky designing the perfect prompts especially when working with tricky users. Maybe you feel more like a magician than a SAS developer. Recently I needed a SAS stored process that allowed a user to find a needle in a very large haystack.  Let me share a simple trick I learned from Bryan Stines to make simple work …

Taming SAS Stored Process Selection List Prompts

2013-08-07 – 1:25 PM
Selection List

I like most things SAS.  But there are of course some features that I wish were implemented differently.  One of those is selection list prompts.  
The good news is, even when SAS implements something in a way that I find, well let’s say, surprising, there is often a way to use some other part of SAS to adjust the situation.  
For me, that often means …

Using an Autocall Macro Library in SAS BI

2013-07-10 – 7:26 AM
Macro Library

 a SAS programmer, I am dependent on my SAS autocall macro library.  It stores a bunch of utility macros that I use on a daily basis. When I started learning about stored processes and other BI tools, one of my first thoughts was “How can I access all of my utility macros?”  And it turns out, it’s pretty straight forward to define an autocall library …

Three of the Most Common SAS Stored Process Errors

2013-03-24 – 9:31 PM
SAS Stored Process LET Statement

If you want to learn how to create a stored process at the SAS Global Forum 2013, then make sure you attend the “Building Your First Stored Process” Hands On workshop that Angela and are hosting on Wednesday morning.  We will show you how to build a three different stored process with prompts in under 90  minutes. In the meantime, here are the most common …