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Create Your First SAS Stored Process in One Little Minute

2011-09-17 – 12:16 PM

Watch this YouTube video to see how easy it is to create a SAS Stored Process using the SAS Enterprise Guide Stored Process Wizard interface for SAS 9.2.
Note: There is no audio with the video.

SAS Stored Processes: Where is my stored process code?

2011-09-13 – 5:00 AM
stp_storage location

As you register your stored process, you may notice that the Stored Process wizard incorporates your code in Step 2.  Ever wondered where the feisty little wizard places this code?
In step 3 of the creation process,  you are actually selecting a location and the file name.

The Source filepath is the physical location for the SAS file.
The Source filename defaults to the stored process name.  However, you can …

Building Business Intelligence Using SAS Book

2011-09-01 – 10:24 AM
SAS BI Book Reviewer Comments

Building Business Intelligence Using SAS Book
SAS Business Intelligence (BI) package provides an interface for multiple audiences to dissect, discover, and decide on what the data means to their organization. This book shows you the SAS business intelligence capabilities, features, and contains the most sought after tips and tricks to bring a novice user up to speed quickly!
SAS BI Book Overview
Each chapter highlights a specific SAS business …