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Tips for Unriddling Encoding in SAS Visual Analytics 6.3

2014-01-20 – 6:00 AM
Batman's Riddler

In preparation for Tricia and my joint paper at SAS® Global Forum 2014, “SAS Admins Need a Dashboard Too” our SAS admin support team, Ken Aanderud and Paul Homes  had been busy setting up our new SAS Visual Analytics 6.3 environments, which we are very excited about! As we got underway loading tables to explore and analyze data we came across an error that prevented a table to …

Killer New Log Summary Feature in SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1!

2013-07-22 – 7:05 AM
SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1

Hey brilliant SAS Institute developers – I love your new SAS Enterprise Guide 6.1 Log Summary feature!  When I was reading through the What’s New in SAS 9.4 for SAS EG 6.1 there were only a few entries.  But BAM! the second bullet made me run over to the demo machine to see what I was missing:

improved programmer productivity with the new Log Summary window, which lists all …

Using an Autocall Macro Library in SAS BI

2013-07-10 – 7:26 AM
Macro Library

 a SAS programmer, I am dependent on my SAS autocall macro library.  It stores a bunch of utility macros that I use on a daily basis. When I started learning about stored processes and other BI tools, one of my first thoughts was “How can I access all of my utility macros?”  And it turns out, it’s pretty straight forward to define an autocall library …

Three of the Most Common SAS Stored Process Errors

2013-03-24 – 9:31 PM
SAS Stored Process LET Statement

If you want to learn how to create a stored process at the SAS Global Forum 2013, then make sure you attend the “Building Your First Stored Process” Hands On workshop that Angela and are hosting on Wednesday morning.  We will show you how to build a three different stored process with prompts in under 90  minutes. In the meantime, here are the most common …

Web Report Studio: Update Resources to Fix Your Report

2012-12-10 – 5:45 AM
web report studio error

Is there a worse way to start your day than someone calling to tell you that your marvelous Web Report Studio report is not working? Yes, this means the world is being denied a viewing of your stunning visual design efforts about last quarter’s sales data!  I agree, this is one the same level as someone stealing a painting from the Louvre or playing a Beethoven …