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Web Report Studio: Switch Report Sections to Tabs in a Snap!

2013-05-28 – 7:18 AM
web report studio tabs management console

One of my gripes with Web Report Studio is that it is not always obvious that a report contains more sections. When demonstrating a report with sections, I find myself placing extra emphasis on the feature to ensure the user understands how it works.  Recently, Amit Kumar Pattnaik, a SAS BI manager, asked if I knew of a way to change the section so they were …

Don’t worry about the Web Report Studio Style When Including a Stored Process

2013-02-02 – 12:03 PM
Web Report Studio Style Change

When you need to add or link a stored process  to your Web Report Studio report, you might be worried that it will not look the same.  For instance – here’s a simple stored process that I created where I declare the style as Banker.  [You can also use a SAS supplied shared prompt].  Notice how Banker looks anything except what a banker or bank would be like? …

Information Maps: Quick Tips for Your Data Items

2012-12-26 – 1:02 PM
information map quick tip 1

Here’s a few quick tips to use when creating information maps that are used with Web Report Studio.
Tip #1: Order Data Items How They Are Displayed
You may not always know how data items are used in the reports, but sometimes you do! For instance, a recent customer wanted the same 25 measures used in over 20 different data tables – the only thing that changed …

Web Report Studio: Update Resources to Fix Your Report

2012-12-10 – 5:45 AM
web report studio error

Is there a worse way to start your day than someone calling to tell you that your marvelous Web Report Studio report is not working? Yes, this means the world is being denied a viewing of your stunning visual design efforts about last quarter’s sales data!  I agree, this is one the same level as someone stealing a painting from the Louvre or playing a Beethoven …

SAS BI: Easy Customizations for SAS Portal and SAS Web Report Studio

2012-08-01 – 7:00 AM

Last week I talked about how you could customize the style sheet for Web Report Studio.  One reader,  Kushal Ramani, a SAS consultant from Epoch Research India, suggested that I list some other items that you can easily change in Web Report Studio and SAS Portal.  All of these changes require access to SAS Management Console – so if you don’t have that access you …