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Articles tagged with: Web Report Studio

Web Report Studio: Changing a Style to Your Colors

2012-07-25 – 8:00 AM
Web Report Studio Changing the bar colors

On a recent project, we needed to change the colors of the bars to match the customer’s website style.  I had heard this was a daunting task requiring lots of white magic and prayer. Turns out what is difficult is if you want to completely re-do a style but it’s fairly simple if you just want to make a few changes.
Changing the Style Color 
First my …

Web Report Studio: Recognize these 2 Gotchas?

2012-07-23 – 7:56 AM

If you aren’t paying close attention to the messages in Web Report Studio, you may run into some puzzling issues.  The messages that SAS produces may not be obvious enough if you are expecting a different behavior, thus making troubleshooting a bit difficult.
Gotcha 1: Why Won’t My Changes Save?
This reminder comes from Shri Sastry.  She had asked a co-worker to make a simple change to …

Web Report Studio: Adding Drill-Down Filter Based on a Date

2012-05-21 – 8:04 AM
Linked Reports

When I was creating the Summary and Detailed reports for the SAS Global Forum paper, I was demonstrating how to link from the weekly chart to the detailed report about the week.  On my first try with my Week Filter based on the date value – it just would not work.  Eeek!  To fix the problem I made a new data item that was a character value. …

SAS Web Report Studio: Chart Makeover – Before and After Shots!

2012-01-18 – 7:47 AM

SAS Web Report Studio has some features that help can improve the overall appearance or just shake things up a little. You can change the template for individual reports in cases where you need to better highlight an idea.
Tip! Check out the Information is Beautiful site for some inspirational ideas about presenting data. Of course, Stephen Few’s Now Your See It book I keep …

SAS BI: Looking at Google Analytics for Popular Blog Topics

2012-01-16 – 6:00 AM

This past week I have been studying the Google Analytics data to determine the best topics to discuss in the upcoming month and to prepare the SAS Global Forum 2012 conference. Google Analytics allows me to measure which posts get the most hits when posted and continue to be popular or referenced. I’ll unveil my little known, but highly coveted analytics process. How’s that for …